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Open Lab’s technical seminars

Following Roberto Baldi’s (the (in)famous Gino) annoying complaints about the irregularity of our technical meetings, here is a draft of a fixed schedule.

These are the the forthcoming Friday’s technical meetings in Open Lab; most dates are open as the beta launch of both Patapage and BugsVoice are forthcoming, and this will likely cause some concentrated effort which may delay other activities:


23rd October 2009: Defending BugsVoice from web attacksRoberto Bicchierai.

30th October 2009: I. Where Open Lab is and where it’s going¬†¬† II. Web service pricing (no streaming)Pietro Polsinelli.

6th November 2009: Defending Patapage from web attacks – Matteo Rossi.

13th November 2009: Public beta of BugsVoice.

20th November 2009: Public beta of Patapage.


Then more classical presentations will follow:


Introducting HTML5Matteo Bicocchi.

Developing friendly web applicationsSilvia Chelazzi.

Some .NET features we are missing in Java 6Massimo Iacolare

Closures and other forthcoming features of Java 6 – Roberto Baldi

I. How to write a plugins API – Federico Soldani II. Patapage public API – Roberto Baldi

Progress and future of Computational Linguistics – Iacopo Risi.

From hand drawings to digital – PataHero and others – Giuseppe Panzarella.

Teamwork’s future (brainstorming)Pietro Polsinelli

Advanced jQuery techniques Matteo Bicocchi and Roberto Bicchierai

What’s new in Hibernate 4 – Matteo Rossi.


Seminars are open to external viewers, and all will be in live streaming presentation webcast on, with the possibility for all to ask questions; they will all be recorded and hence available also after the live session. Slides from the meetings will be available on SlideShare.