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Teamwork research and free Q&A for jQuery components

Rolling out updates in Patapage

Several new features have been released in Patapage, see the blog posts:

What a delicious site

Birth of web site community management

Customization of Patapage windows

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Patapage customizations

Patapage is making progress towards is going out of beta, allowing users more and more customizations:

How to customize a Patapage button

Flip your HTML text around

Delicious integration, community management, custom headers and footers for specific windows and for your entire site are coming next week.

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How to empower mashups and widgets with Patapage

December 11, 2009 Leave a comment

Pietro just published a blog post about how the idea of Patapage was shaped by thinking about web widgets and mashup generalization. Read it here.

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Patapage beta is online

pataHome A blog post introducing it here. Try it out here.

The beauty of adding content on any web page

September 16, 2009 Leave a comment

How many times I would have had the capability to add different kinds of contents in a web page without the needs of a specific CMS. …

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