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Teamwork research and free Q&A for jQuery components

JavaScript reviews: jQUery 1.4 and grid editors

A review of jQuery 1.4 by Pupunzi here.

A review of a set of JavaScript grid editors by Roberto here.

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Rolling out updates in Patapage

Several new features have been released in Patapage, see the blog posts:

What a delicious site

Birth of web site community management

Customization of Patapage windows

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Patapage customizations

Patapage is making progress towards is going out of beta, allowing users more and more customizations:

How to customize a Patapage button

Flip your HTML text around

Delicious integration, community management, custom headers and footers for specific windows and for your entire site are coming next week.

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Better Software in Florence

Better Software conference 2010

Better Software conference 2010 - the site

On the 5 and 6 May 2010 there will be a software conference in Florence (Italy) Better Software, to which Open Lab will take part in various forms.

We are very happy that a Florentine company is (finally) organizing a local event, and we will try to help them where possible. The organizer is Develer, and the event manager is Francesco Pallanti. you can follow the conference twitter stream here.

The main conference’ topics are agile projects, open source and web 2.0.

Most of the conference will be in Italian, but there may be some surprises in English.

The call for papers has just started, all details are here:

and it will end on the 15th of February, 2010.

We proposed to participate in the talks with an evolution of the Get visitors to read and remember your home page blog posts, which is an important topic for a startup which is attempting self-promotion. We will also give discounts on our products to all participants to Better Software – stay tuned.