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BugsVoice online service – public beta is here!

BugsVoice in use

BugsVoice in use

The error trapping online service is online here.

An introduction saying what it is is here.

An introduction to BugsVoice rules engine is here: Solving the “halting problem”…

An also How to contribute a sample error trapping page for your favorite technology.

Techniques for online services

Most of Open Lab is working at the setup of two new online services; two new blog posts about techniques developed along the way, always with Java as back end:

A jQuery text extractor (via Java proxy)

XSS war: a Java HTML sanitizer

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Reflections on “Pricing an online service”

Pietro just published some reflections on how we got to determine a price for out two forthcoming online services, Patapage “More options for your website users” and BugsVoice “Turn bugs into opportunities”.

See our rumblings here: .